Tuesday, February 10, 2009

0 Hill Workout (6 Miles Total): Feeling Maxed Out!


OMG, tonight's hill workout was TOUGH. We did 8 hill lengths interspersed with 8 downhill recovery laps. I had a bit of trouble sticking with my 9:15 pace group on the uphill runs, & was about 20 seconds behind the group each time up the hill. I tried REALLY hard to keep up with them, so it's not for lack of effort. My lungs were just maxed out, especially on the last quarter of the hill, & I frankly couldn't go any faster, although I leaned forward & really pumped my arms, trying to get all of the leverage I could to get up the hill. :)

The funny thing is that the running clinic's Tuesday night speed work really taxes my lungs, but my legs seem to be just fine. (My legs have always been strong.) On the longer running days, I have no trouble with either. However, a lot of other people I talked to seemed to find the opposite to be true for them; they struggle more on the distance & find the track workouts hardest on their legs, not on their lungs. Maybe that's because, unlike me, they've been in the 9:15 pace group all along & their lungs are more accustomed to the pace. :)

According to one of the assistant coaches, each hill length is about 0.25-0.30 of a mile. So using the lower figure, that'd be about a 400 at threshold pace (2:20). So tonight's speedwork would be about 8x400 T hills, with 8x400 E recovery. If you include 4 warm-up laps & 4 cooldown laps around the parking lot, that'd probably total around 6 miles.

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