Sunday, February 15, 2009

0 Looks Like Those 15 Minutes of Fame Will Have to Wait :)


OK, well that was a lot of hype for nothing. ;-P

For those of you who didn't catch the televised events on ESPN, most of the footage from today's "Track & Field" programming was solely of the racing events, with a few sparse interviews with athletes.

All in all, ESPN ended up broadcasting only a few minutes of the USATF XC Championship; this footage was interspersed between the various heats of the Tyson invitational track meet, so there wasn't enough time for "fluff" interviews with volunteers. :)

So, not surprisingly, we didn't make the cut. :( Or rather, we WERE cut out. Hahahaha. The programming dude probably took one look at the footage & said, "Oh no, not that mouthy chick in the yeti getup. Cut!" :)

Juuuuust kidding. We probably barely registered on their radar. And frankly, I'm actually feeling relieved that our clip didn't air. Gee, I wonder why?! ;-)

Phew! Erik & I can continue enjoy being anonymous "nobodies" for a bit longer. :)

Regardless, thanks to everybody who tuned in to watch & also of course to those of you who emailed & commented!

Did any of you end up watching?

Have to say that it was really great to watch the athletes in both events. What amazing talent, eh?

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