Thursday, February 19, 2009

0 RRCA 10 Mile Challenge: The Thrill of Something New!


As you can see from my race calendar, this Sunday is the RRCA 10 Mile Challenge. There are several people from our club running it, & we are entering the race as a club team. While I've run 10 miles many times before, I've never raced this distance, nor have I run this particular course ever before. People from our club (who've either run it before or know others who have run it), have told me that it's fairly hilly & challenging.

Now I wasn't really nervous before, nor was I even thinking about being nervous. However, now that people keep telling me stuff like this, it's got me thinking about the course, & I actually really don't want to be thinking about it. Especially since it's exactly these kinds of thoughts which lead to "cranking it up a notch." :) While I'm certainly not the type to get psyched out that easily, all the same it simply does no good to focus on what one can't possibly know until it's experienced first-hand. :)

Honestly, I'd rather go into a race having zero idea of what it's like -- the course, the atmosphere, etc., etc. -- because that way, I can be in the moment & just run the thing, instead of thinking of what's to come. :)

Now maybe I'll feel differently after I've run MCM three times (LOL! OK, I've yet to run it once!), but for now this strategy is working for me, so I'm going to keep not thinking about races before I run them. :)

What I do want to be thinking about is how I'm tire myself out enough the night before without actually running, so I can go to bed on time & still feel fresh the next day. :) You see, a lot of us have to get up super-early just to make it to Columbia by 8 am. :) So that means any of the usual time I waste thinking about trying to go to sleep early (LOL!) must be done a lot earlier at night. Otherwise, I'll be running on only a few hours sleep. Did this a few times before road races & while this sometimes surprisingly led to clocking some PRs, I think I'd rather get some sleep & stack the cards in my favor this time around. :)

Maybe I'll do pushups & situps, & then read a book before bed. That ought to do the trick. Floor exercises, & then all it takes is two paragraphs in & I'm out like a light. :)

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