Tuesday, February 3, 2009

0 Track Workout: 5.75 Miles of Pure Effort!


Just got back from track practice. Phew! Tonight's speed work was challenging! Did 1 mi warmup + 5 x 1000 T + 200 E recovery + 1 mi cooldown. Doing the math, that makes 3 1/8 mi of speedwork & 5/8 mi of recovery laps. So, if you factor in the warmup & cooldown miles, that adds up to a total of 5.75 mi.

For the 9:15 pace group, our pace was supposed to be as follows: 5:50 for each 1000, 1:23 for each 200, & 11:00 for the warm-up/cool-down miles.

Frankly, I was just barely able to hang on the prescribed pace for the first 3 1000s & wasn't able to hold to that pace on those last 2 1000s. Am wondering if this is a direct result of training for 3 weeks at the slower pace group before being moved up to the 9:15 group. :) Have a sneaking suspicion that maybe I truly belong in the 9:30 group, although I have no trouble keeping up with the 9:15 group's pace on the Thursday & Saturday group runs. :) For now, will stay with 9:15 group & continue to challenge myself. I'm determined to do my best to hang in there.

Since Tom Ryan (http://tinyurl.com/68dnej) trains at a slightly higher level to get faster, I figure that, since I can almost manage the faster speed work pace & am not hurting afterwards, it's probably a good idea to follow the same strategy. :)

After all, one doesn't get faster by being "comfortable." ;-)

Have a good night, everybody!

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