Tuesday, February 24, 2009

0 Track Workout: 7 Miles of Survival :)


Tonight's track workout was 1 mi warmup run + 5 x 1200 I + 5 x 400 E recovery + 1 mi cooldown run. That's 3.75 mi of speedwork + 3.25 mi of easy running, for a grand total of 7 mi.
Frankly, I just didn't have it in me tonight & found it near impossible to sustain either the 9:15 or the 9:30 pace group's recommended interval paces (i.e., 2:09 & 2:11 respectively). So I just did what I could. For several laps, my times were probably closer to the 9:15 threshold pace (i.e., 2:20).
My legs were stiff even before I began tonight's workout & needless to say, they felt like mush after tonight's track workout. (Sometimes running actually stretches them out, but tonight's workout seemed to only make them even sorer!) I think that after this Sunday's 10 mi race what the legs really needed was a recovery run, & not a track workout. ;-)
Tonight's track workout wasn't a good gauge for determining which pace group I should be in, due to my legs being in "recovery mode" from this past weekend's race. At any rate, it looks like the 9:30 pace group is probably more appropriate than the 9:15 for the time being, at least for the track workouts!

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