Tuesday, February 17, 2009

3 Track Workout: Pushing Past Mental & Physical Fatigue Makes You Stronger!


Tonight's track workout: 1 mi warmup + 8 x 800 I + 8 x 400 E recovery + 4 x 100 R + 4 x 100 E recovery + 1 mi cooldown. That makes a total of 7.5 mi.

For the 9:15 pace group, that translated into the following paces: 800 I = 4:17, 100 R = 0:30, 400 E = 2:45, & 100 E = approx 1:11.

(Key: I = interval pace at 85-95% level effort, 3-5K pace; R = repetition pace at 90-95% level effort, nearly all out - pace can only be maintained for short period of time; E = easy "conversational" pace at 60-70% level effort.)

Temperature was about 35°F.


Honestly, I couldn't WAIT for tonight's workout to be OVER. Not only was the workout extremely difficult & challenging, but I was already feeling tired & my mind & body just weren't into it. However, I still did the workout all the same.

Being already tired before your workout begins is never a good sign. :) The fatigue was partly mental & partly physical: In addition to my mind being restless & shall we say, "uncooperative" ;-P, I also ran 7 mi yesterday & did 3 challenging sets of 4 x strides. Looking back on it, maybe that wasn't such a good idea. :)

As a result of all of the above factors, I found it difficult to keep up with my pace group. Frankly, I could barely hold on for the first two laps & then just lost them after that. Bluntly put, I flat out failed to meet tonight's pace objective. At the very least, I can console myself with the fact that it wasn't due to a lack of effort!

It's hard to determine what I would've done had my legs been feeling "fresh" (instead of my attitude :) ) & my head been in the right mental zone. It might be that the 9:15 pace group is too ambitious for me, & that I need to drop back to the 9:30 group. In order to come to that decision, I've decided to use the next track workout with the 9:15 group as a "final test" of sorts. And yes, I fully intend to approach this next workout with a rested body & a much better attitude before reconsidering. :)

While I'm not exactly ecstatic over tonight's performance, I still realize that every time we try & fail, valuable information can still be gained through the experience. Our failures often teach us more than our successes. The lessons we learn through our experiences can only make us stronger & better-informed, not to mention better human beings.


cymrusteve said...

That's a tough workout! Well done for hanging in there and finishing it off....

Good luck next time around!


cyberpenguin said...

Thanks, Steve! As they say, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger, eh? ;-) LOL.

Jon said...

Love the blog. Great posts. Keep up the good work!

Rob @ Adrenaline Rush Fitness

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