Wednesday, March 11, 2009

0 9 Miles In Da Bank! Ka-Ching!


Before I get into a discussion of tonight's workout, I just want to say that I am determined this time around to get my mileage in in a much more steady fashion than I have been doing previously over the course of our running clinic.

So, on that note -- even though the legs could've used a rest tonight after yesterday's challenging track workout -- I decided that this time I wasn't going to wuss out & let the old pampered attitude of "must take-a-day-off-in-between-workouts" get the best of me. Sure, that oh-so-gentle attitude was fine for when I'd restarted my running on 7/21/07, after a several-month hiatus from the sport (& from practically a zero fitness level!). But that was almost 1 year & 8 months ago, & I've "come along way, baby" from those first few days of Couch to 5K.

With improved fitness comes increased expectations. :)

Plus, with a 10-mile race in the beginning of April & a half-marathon in the beginning of May, the time for taking a casual attitude towards my training is through. Yes, it's still important that running remain a fun activity, but there's an added level of focus & dedication needed in order to adequately prepare for distances of 10M & longer!

Not to mention, there is the issue of scheduling & time-tables: After the running clinic finishes that gives me an additional 7 months to be ready for the Philly Marathon. I'll already be doing some decent mileage by the end of April, but not enough for marathon-training. So, it'll be time to up the mileage, restart the strength-training, & be conscious of making all of those activities count as quality workouts!

And in my usual fashion, I'll probably obsess a little bit about being prepared for my very first marathon, which means that I'll feel the need to be super-prepared. Yep, that's my little safety blanket: Preparation. And if that means a bit of over-preparation for my first marathon, so be it. Better to be over-ready than under-ready. ;-)

Of course, that doesn't mean overtraining. It just means reading everything in site about marathon-training, talking with marathon veterans & asking them for lots of advice, & making sure I've got enough 16-20+ mile training runs in there & properly tapering before the event. And this is just the tip of the iceberg: There are probably a few more things I could add to that list as well. ;-)

OK, enough blabbing about the future. And now about that workout. You can read the details about tonight's 9 miler here. Enjoy & have a great night!


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