Friday, March 20, 2009

4 Time to "Part-ay" 21-st Century Style: 1st Official Runner Skype-Up at 9 PM EST Tonight!


FYI, I'll be hosting a "Runner Skype-Up" tonight at 9 PM EST. If you'd like to join in the discussion, please contact me via email or Twitter DM (i.e., direct message) with your Skype ID & indicate that you'll be joining us, so I can add you in advance to the conversation group I've just created in Skype. Otherwise, you won't be able to conference in with us. (For privacy purposes, I've got Skype configured so that only people in my approved contacts list can contact me. Please note that I reserve the right to disallow or block people in Skype, whether for conduct or security reasons.)

IMPORTANT: People contacting me via Twitter, take note. Please do NOT contact me to request an invitation to join the discussion using the @reply feature, or there's a good chance I'll miss your tweet. ;-) If you can't DM me for whatever reason, then just send me an email instead.

REQUEST DEADLINE: In order to participate, your request to join the group conference call must be received before 8:30 pm EST (tonight). Otherwise, it'll be too much of a scramble to add lots of last-minute requests. ;-)

Since this is our first official virtual runner "tweep-up," it's just going to be an unstructured session with a fun, party-like atmosphere. A few of us have to race the next morning, so I'll personally only be able to hang around until about 10 pm, but you are welcome to continue the fun for as long as you like. :)

I may host future sessions which have more of a Q&A type feel to them, or possibly take on a moderator role for topical discussions. Not sure where this is going to lead yet, but it's an exciting concept.


Tim Wilson said...

Cool idea

cyberpenguin said...

Thanks, Tim! Think it'll be loads of fun. You're welcome to join us if you like! :)

Tim Wilson said...

Wish I could, but won't be able to tonight.

cyberpenguin said...

We'll hope to catch you the next time around. Have a great weekend!

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