Tuesday, March 10, 2009

0 Track Workout: 7 Miles of As-Fast-As-You-Possibly-Can-Go!


I'm going to keep this entry short, because I've got a lot to do tonight:

To read about tonight's track workout, please visit this link.

Just a few additional comments: It was really nice to see my pal @runningrambling tonight at track practice. We hadn't seen each other for a while & keep missing each other at various practices due to differing schedules (& more recently, due to my absence/break from this week's group practices). He was in good spirits & we were joking around a lot. Although we only get to run together on his recovery laps (which are actually my speed work laps! LOL!), I really enjoy his company, & am glad he signed up for our club's running clinic. :)

Another pal of mine wasn't feeling too well but showed up for practice tonight anyhow. She made it through most of the workout, but was obviously was looking & feeling very tired from being sick. Since she isn't yet a published web personality (at least not to my knowledge anyhow!), I won't mention her name here to respect her privacy (she knows who she is!), but wanted to extend my heartfelt get-well wishes to her. Hope you rest up & feel better soon!

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