Monday, March 9, 2009

0 Weekend Road-Running Warrior!


The week in review:

Here's what's been going on with my training. To curb the effects of overtraining I've been experiencing over the last few weeks, I decided to take a few days off this week from running. Originally, it was only going to be a 3-day break, but somehow turned into 6. ;-) (Really needed the time off, so it was no big deal.) I ended up not running at all Monday-Friday, & instead running 6.85 mi on Saturday & 14.2 miles on Sunday. Not a typical schedule that I'd normally recommend to others, but at least I managed to get in two out of the three workouts for this week, & 21.05 miles total. This week's totals were supposed to be more along the lines of 30-35 mpw, but I'm not too concerned.

While I've got a 10-mile race coming up on April 5th (i.e., the Cherry Blossom) & a half-marathon on May 3rd, my attitude is that it's better to take precautions now & nip the overtraining issues in the bud now than to have it snowball into something more serious (like illness or injury).

Frankly, I felt like my training schedule had been bearing down on me like 200 ton-bricks of lead, & the internal pressure I was feeling to comply & follow every single workout exactly as planned by the schedule -- even when done with the best of intentions (i.e., having been carried out with real dedication & determination!), was ironically seriously undermining not only my resolve & but also the larger picture/long-range goals.

The whole "gung-ho" mentality that I've been trying so hard to avoid this time around had somehow sneaked up on me again in the disguise of something very innocuous, our training schedule. ;-) I'm not actually blaming the training schedule itself you see, but rather was making observations about how my attitude was starting to get a bit rigid with regarding to my steadfast compliance with it. ;-) The real irony is that, in almost everything else in life, I am staunchly opposed to rigidity of any form, but sometimes my ambition to achieve gets the best of me & I want so badly to do well & succeed as a runner that I lose focus on the larger picture.

Thank goodness I caught this trend & nipped it in the bud before it was too late.

Once again, this is a lesson I learned the hard way in the past, & I'm determined not to repeat such past mistakes. It's so important to keep growing & moving forward! Moreover, as I've said before, the point is to take the longer-range view of running, & to ensure that it'll be something that I can & will also want to do in the future. ;-)

Sometimes you just got to do what feels right & say to heck with pressure, whether it be external or internal.

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