Sunday, March 22, 2009

0 Weekly Update: Some New Milestones


Hi Everybody,

This week has been interesting week of workouts, to say the least.

It started out with Tuesday's track practice, a gruelling 5 x 1600 workout at interval pace, interspersed with 400 recovery laps after each 1600, & bookended by the usual mile of easy running on both ends (for warm-up/cool-down). This has definitely been the most challenging speed work we've done thus far.

Then Friday was a short but fast 3.35 mile run. According to my Nike+iPod, I supposedly ran a sub 9 mile (8:56 pace) at around 2.43 miles, but since the algorithms for this gadget are usually way off base when it comes to individual mile splits & partial mile splits, I tend to ignore this data. ;-) Even so, my average pace was 9:33, which is definitely an overall improvement for this distance. I'm pretty confident that I can go much faster than this, but the reason I didn't go all out was because I knew I was supposed to race a 10K the next day. Of course, as many of you already know, that didn't end up happening, due to reasons already explained in a previous post. As a result, I fully intended to do my long run later that same day, but unintentionally fell asleep on the couch (yes, again!) & napped through several hours of prime running time. By the time I woke up it was dark, & so that was that.

However, I made up for it for the next day (i.e., today), topping off the week with a 16.37 mile run, the longest distance I've run thus far.

So even though this week has been a bit unusual in terms of my running schedule, it's nonetheless been a week of milestones.

Also, just wanted to say thank you to all of you who left comments recently. I plan to respond to yesterday's commenters very soon (I promise!), but right now, desperately need some R&R after today's run! Those of you who've experienced that post-run feeling after setting new distance milestones will certainly appreciate this. ;-)

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