Sunday, March 29, 2009

0 Weekly Update: Two Treadmill Workouts & A Run on The Trails


Here's a recap of this week's workouts:

The track wasn't available for use on Tuesday, so quite understandably, I wasn't very inspired to do our group run on the road in the dark. Plus, after last Sunday's 16.37 mile run, my legs frankly needed a bit more time to recuperate, so I ended up postponing this workout until Thursday night, doing my 6.92 mi of speedwork on the treadmill, which worked out quite nicely.

The following evening (i.e., Friday), I went out for a 7.37 mi run outside in beautiful & wonderfully pleasant weather! After this run, the knees were feeling a bit sore, (probably as a result) so instead of doing the usual group run on Saturday, I ended up doing 14.37 mi on the treadmill tonight (Sunday).

This weekly mileage total = 28.66 mi.

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