Sunday, March 1, 2009

0 Weekly Workout Update: Or, What's Been Happening Since The Last Blog Post. ;-)


Yes, it's been a bit busy & so I'm a bit behind on posting my workouts here. I typically post all workouts on anyhow these days, so in future, am thinking about possibly just putting links to those entries in blog posts, instead of regurgitating here what I wrote there.

For now, here's a brief summary of completed workouts from the remainder of the week:

--Completed a total of 30.35 miles this week. Notice as the mileage goes up the other types of workouts have virtually disappeared (i.e., sit-ups, push-ups, etc.). Oops. ;-0 Got to rectify that, but first still have to get used to the increase in mileage. ;-) (I've been previously doing between 24-26 miles. An increase of four extra miles per week might not sound like a whole lot, but those extra 4 miles are quality miles, so it is a big deal. And to my body, it also feels like a big deal too. ;-P)

--Since I knew we were going to the Caps game on Thursday night, a night which is typically reserved for informal group runs with our running clinic, I instead ran a bit earlier in the day & only did 3.35 miles. I was originally going to do the full workout, but due to a late start & time constraints was only able to fit in about half of the mileage. (The temperature was supposed to hit 60°F that day, & I think I waited a bit too long for it to reach an "optimally warm" temperature outside. ;-) ) If you want to read the details of that workout, please visit this link (on

--Saturday's 12 mile run with our running clinic was great fun. Felt great. Stretched afterward & probably as a direct result, didn't have any post-run soreness. Either that, or my muscles are just getting used to the distance. ;-) Also, didn't feel as tired as I usually did immediately after the run, which was also a good sign. You can read more about that workout here.

--Sunday (i.e., today!), I was originally supposed to run a 5K road race, but instead ended up attending the race directors' meeting afterward. (Even though I don't yet have enough volunteering experience right now to become a race director or even an assistant race director, I wanted to attend the meeting to see what was involved with the process, for future reference. I figured it also would probably make me a better, more useful volunteer to know the experiences & vantage points of the RD & ARDs! ;-) )

In my heart of hearts, I just really did not want to race today. It wasn't due to physical fatigue, however. Frankly, it was all mental. ;-) I just needed a little break from continually pushing myself! Plus, I was starting to exhibit some of the classic warning signs of overtraining & didn't want to get caught up in that web.

Oh yeah, & about that workout. ;-) While I didn't race today, I ran 8.25 miles at a sub 10-minute pace. Not bad. I didn't start to tire until after mile 5, & then the remaining 3 miles were honestly a bit of a struggle to keep up the pace. OK, I should add that, very uncharacteristically, I stopped a few times -- once at around 5 miles, another brief one at around 6 miles, & another time around 7 miles -- to stretch out the muscles & paused my stopwatch during the stretches, so maybe in reality, if one factors in the minor stops, I was probably closer to a 10-minute mile pace. ;-) To read more about that workout, please go here.

OK, that's a wrap, people. Later!


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