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3 Substance vs. Superficiality, The Faceoff Match: Whomp, Take That, Hollywood!


I'd like to reprint a comment here in this post that I recently left on the blog, MollyGood. How I even came to leave a comment on this blog is a story unto itself:

I happened to be chatting with someone on Twitter this week about DWTS & the positive athletic ideals it promotes (in spite of the show's obvious corniness & moments of phoniness :) ), & was doing a search on some of the pros, when I came upon Molly's blog post. And due to the subject matter (i.e., unhealthy perceptions regarding body image), I just couldn't resist commenting.

Before you read my comment, you'll probably want to read Molly's post, 'DWTS' Pros: These Girls Are Fat: Because Everyone Should Be Skin And Bones. Please note that title is meant to be ironic & not literal!!!!! :)

Here's what I wrote in response:

No. 53 cyberpenguin says:

These women are beautiful & curvaceous — not FAT! — & apparently lots of people agree with that assessment. Cheryl Burke was recently voted "Sexiest Dancing Pro" in TV Guide's "Sexiest Stars" Poll.

Hollywood has to step outside & take a breath of fresh air, because their warped world view is not only unacceptable, but a really unhealthy message for so many youths & adults.

The focus should be on health, instead of this sort of garbage anyhow. A person's body fat percentage really should be viewed from the perspective of what's healthy, versus just through the oh-so-narrow lens of what Hollywood finds acceptable.

Frankly, who the heck cares what Hollywood thinks is an acceptable "body image." I sure as heck don't. As my mom always likes to say, "Consider the source."

Since when do we really need Hollywood, the media, cosmetic companies, & others in general to tell us what is beautiful anyhow? We have eyes; we already have the means to interpret beauty in our own way, as we see fit. It's our job as adults to serve as a buffer, & (also to) serve as the central repository of self-esteem for our own children. If we project a strong sense of self-esteem that comes from deeper sources, one that is not dependent simply upon external factors like "the opinions of others," then it's very likely that others around us, including children, will take a strong positive message from this as well.

We have to stop empowering (the unhealthy attitudes so typically representative of) these "commercial conglomerate entities" & favoring them with attention, when in most cases, we should be voting with the power of our pocketbooks & promoting other points of view which reinforce health & healthy points of view.

I applaud you for speaking out against such nonsense. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, & it's high time people stop focusing on "the cult of celebrity" & instead turn that gaze inward, for some serious soul-searching. ;-)

Speaking of health & healthy points of view, I would like to invite people to visit my fitness/exercise blog, which encourages health & real, lasting changes for a healthier lifestyle versus temporary outlooks or attitudes & behaviors that ultimately don't end up serving us.

The URL for the blog is See Corey Run: A Fitness & Nutrition Journal.

Best wishes for health & happiness,
Corey (a.k.a., Cyberpenguin)


OK, yeah, I know what you're thinking: You couldn't resist throwing a bit of shameless self-promotion in there at the end, now could you? But what I'm really trying to promote is good health & healthy outlooks & body image, so it's not really about me, but rather about whom I want to help & what I want to accomplish. So there! :)


IRL said...

I'm sorry this has nothing to do with the topic at look great! I used to read your JCrewaholicsRUs blog. Wow! I can really see the change in your face. I'll have to read this blog now. Wish I could get my but in gear and run, run, run! Congratulations :)

Is your JCrew blog closed and only available through a feed?

cyberpenguin said...

Thanks, IRL! Appreciate the compliment & your comments. And thanks for your loyal readership of the JCrewaholics blog.

Truth be told, I temporarily turned the JCrewaholics into a private feed because I'm kind of in a quandary as to whether to continue the JCrew blog or not for multiple reasons: I don't have a lot of time to devote to it right now & would frankly rather blog about running & cooking at the moment. :) However, I did open it back up again for the moment, but for the time being you'll probably want to tune in here instead for fresh content. :)

Also, I'm frankly ticked that someone basically ripped off the "JCrewaholics" name & started blogging under a similar domain name; my blog clearly preceded theirs! It might've been purely coincidence, & maybe I should give them the benefit of the doubt, but all the same, I can't help but wonder with all of the search engine technology out there. :) Plus, my blog was extremely visible on the internet (it had been tagged & cross-referenced by several other blogs, & had also been posted to a zillion blog directories & social media sites) & the JCrew company was also well aware of my presence.

Well, as they say, "it is what it is." ;-)

Also, the other reason I've stopped blogging about JCrew is that frankly, while I like JCrew clothes, I felt that the tone of the blog was sometimes a bit snarky, & I'm not so sure I want to put that kind of energy into the blogosphere anymore.

I also think that the JCrew blog sometimes became a place for me & others to vent via the guise of fashion. :) While that's not inherently a bad thing, I also felt like it had gone from being an honest expression of my fashion personality to a space in which other people constantly expected me to reaffirm their fashion tastes, which is not something I really felt comfortable doing.

The other thing is that I occasionally got some very nasty comments from anonymous cowards, which I obviously didn't publish, but intensely disliked receiving. And while the exuberant, positive comments certainly outweighed the bad ones, it was just extremely unpleasant to have to see those type of comments. This is another reason why I temporarily turned the blog into a private feed.

Honestly, I really want DON'T want to be part of that "bitchy, unhappy energy" that a lot of people in the fashion industry seem to thrive upon. I'm not really about that. I'm about using humor as a way to make people laugh & think, not to tear people down.

Anyhow, enough about that. :)

Hope that this blog will provide ample motivation for you to exercise. It's really not hard to do; it just takes a gentle, gradual approach -- small steps, moderation, reining in one's initial expectations, putting together a manageable & realistic exercise plan, etc. -- and focusing on the positive, i.e., what you can do, & then building upon that.

If I can do it -- having started from a fitness level of zero on 7/21/07 & then building back up to what I used to do fitness-wise, & then completely surpassing any of my former states of fitness that I used to consider "in shape" -- then so can you!

cyberpenguin said...

Hello again, IRL,

OK, due to the issue mentioned above, I've reopened the JCrew blog but have temporarily restricted it so that only blog members can comment. That should instantly resolve the aforementioned issue. :) Would love to have a way of keeping my blog open but if people are going to abuse the comments feature, then I really don't want to have to manage it anymore.

While there were definitely some great people I enjoyed interacting with on the JCrew blog, it seems that overall, the other blogs have been comparatively devoid of some of the mean-spiritedness I've witnessed & thankfully protected the lot of you from seeing on the JCrew blog (by NOT publishing those comments!).

I think you'll enjoy interacting with the people on this blog; they have been unfailingly civil & nice as a general rule.

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