Friday, April 17, 2009

6 "See Corey Run" Listed as One of the "100 Best Wellness Blogs For Women"


Hi Everyone,

Got some exciting news to share with you:

"See Corey Run" was just recently voted as one of the "100 Best Wellness Blogs For Women" by the site, The blog is listed in the "Exercise & Fitness" section (#47):

Wow, this is just so cool!!!! Thank you so much for this fantastic honor.

It feels extremely gratifying to know that people are enjoying this blog, & getting something constructive out of the content posted here.

I am also really sincerely appreciative of several of you who've expressed similar sentiments to me directly, either through your comments on this blog, emails, tweets, or via verbal acknowledgment in person!

I'm a big believer in the importance of showing & verbalizing appreciation & really do try to sincerely express this to others whenever possible. So, when people express this to me in kind, I realize that it's a truly beautiful gift, & not something to be taken for granted.

It's great when someone recognizes that what I've been trying to do here on this blog is to convey more than just concrete facts & figures about nutrition & fitness; I'm also trying to give people food for thought that helps them grow & evolve past their original conceptions of themselves & what they think is possible to achieve. While part of the idea is certainly to help people reach their potential & fulfilling goals, I really do feel that what I'm trying to do goes beyond this basic cliché.

I am trying to create a new awareness in people of how they view themselves, their fellow human beings, & their environment. I hope that people will take away a sense that what they do in their fitness regime is not just about "getting the workout done," but is also about helping to improve their minds & bodies as well as inspiring others around them to create something sublime & enduring within themselves by starting a journey towards fitness & health.

While science can show us exactly how exercise & nutrition can positively impact our physical health in specific, significant ways by literally mapping out how these physical changes occur, I really believe that it is the question of "why" that really gets people's attention. The curiosity in us to discover both scientific and psychological explanations (in concrete &/or abstract terms) is what lights the spark within.

This exploration of what regular exercise & sound nutrition gives us is something truly magical.

It is partly about self-discovery (or in some cases re-discovery!) through a reconnection with your physical self, but in the process you also inevitably connect with other aspects of your being as well. In the process of becoming, you can't help but become a catalyst for inspiring constructive change. You start the light inside yourself, but it can spark a thousand more lights in others.

Essentially, the ideas start with individuals, but then they becomes something bigger than any one person. We have that kind of profound power to affect each other in the same way a stone makes reverberating ripples in a pond, & so once we recognize this, we must safeguard our responsibility & be aware of the types of energies & signals that we are passing around. Each of us is a beacon. And it is up to us what kind of beacon we are going to be, not just for ourselves, but for others as well. What we put into the air truly has a dramatic effect on the world, in both the figurative & literal senses of the word. We can no longer be blind to this reality. It is time to wake up & be conscious of our effects upon each other.

This sensitivity, once found, is a powerful thing. We have the ability to instill this in ourselves & in others, & pass it around like an invisible "hot potato," but one with good karma that can't be kept to ourselves for too long without wanting to pass it on quickly to someone else. :)

So, since life is short & we only have so much time on this earth to accomplish our dreams & get to where we're going, let's all do something good with that energy. There's no need to hoard it just for yourself or restrict it to a small circle of family & friends, because once you give it out, you'll find that, interestingly enough, it regenerates inside yourself & begins anew. Yes, there's plenty more from where that came. :)

We have the ability to impact others with this profound beauty within ourselves. It's not something we do to manipulate or control others for ego gratification or our own selfish gain. That just won't do, because it will eventually hurt all involved parties in the end. No, we do it because it is something we feel compelled to do as a means of helping people find their inner vision of themselves, & the means to achieve it. We can't just do it for ourselves & our own motivations; we must let go our egos & our hurts & move forward to something grander & more noble. We must let go & step outside of ourselves to help others realize their own dreams. That is a gift more valuable & precious than anything we could ever buy for those we care about, because it given with true consideration & regard for others, irrespective of our own wishes of what we want for someone. In letting go of trying to control others & the outcome of various circumstances beyond our control, we regain focus on where are heading; we remove the distractions & realize that the answer is about engaging in a dialogue which brings us closer to acceptance of what is & also what can be in the best possible way.


raulgonemobile said...

Nice job! Congrats!

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Andrew is getting fit said...

Well deserved!

Live Fit Blog said...

Congratulations. Very cool.

pchieng said...

That's quite an honor. Congratulations!

cyberpenguin said...

Thank you so much, everybody, for your incredible support!!!! :) You rock!

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