Sunday, April 26, 2009

0 Weekly Update: Getting Back on Track! A Few Training Runs & a 10K Road Race


I'm actually supposed to be packing right now, so this is going to be a super-brief post. :)

This week's training in summary: Ran a total of 16.93 miles this week: 6.36 mi run (on 4/22/09), 4.36 mi run (on 4/24/09), & a 10K race today. While it's a lot less weekly mileage than usual, it's a heck of a lot better than the previous 2 weeks in which there was zero running happening. :)

To fill you in briefly on those previous "missing" 2 weeks, what happened in a nutshell was this: I basically stopped running for about 2 weeks after the Cherry Blossom (on April 5th). Call it burn-out or whatever you like, but I just had had it, not so much in the physical sense, but rather on the mental plane. I was feeling mentally fatigued & also a bit demoralized about my training for reasons I won't elaborate upon here. Frankly, there was also a lot of unrelated stuff going on simultaneously, & the cumulative effects of it all were just not agreeing with me.

I'd originally intended to only take a few "days off" from running for some much needed R&R, because frankly, I was finding that as a result of the above issues, the enjoyment factor in my running was starting to decline & that needed to be nipped in the bud before a "total mutiny" or "system overload" occurred. ;-) However, those few days morphed into something else entirely as other factors in my life manifested themselves. ;-) I'm not going to make excuses; there was a good deal of stress & burnout going on over those weeks & basically, the running suffered in the process. However, those 2 weeks were atypical for multiple reasons, especially when taking into account that the previous 12 weeks had been spent running with far great frequency & consistency. :)

Of course, during my 2 week hiatus, I knew that the running would inevitably have to recommence at some point soon (hopefully sooner rather than later!), in order to have any shot at being (even marginally) prepared for 2 upcoming road races I'd registered for months ago (i.e., today's 10K race & a half-marathon the following Sunday!). So on April 19th, I did a gentle 3.35 miles as a "re-entry run."

Every runner knows (or will eventually learn) when they will hit the "point of no return" in their training. And, since I didn't want to drop out of these races, nor face potential injury, it was going to be "put up or shut-up time." The plain fact of the matter is that I'm glad my "back was placed against the wall," because at the very least, it motivated me to get started again.

Now granted, it's not exactly an ideal training scenario, but as mentioned earlier in previous DailyMile entries, what's done is done, & I can only move forward.

The good news is that I felt pretty good after today's 10K. No soreness, etc. One down, one to go. Now, the next goal is completing the half. It's not so much completing the distance, which I've done before & know I can do, but rather, completing the half safely & as smartly as possible, given the fact that my last 10-miler was done on April 5th, & my last 14-miler was done on March 29th. Hopefully, the fact that I've been running 14+ miles almost every weekend from January-March will count for something!

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