Sunday, May 3, 2009

2 Weekly Update: Some Sloth, a 10-Miler, & An Upcoming Half-Marathon


OK, this week's training hasn't exactly been a stunner in the "consistency" department. To make up for being a (three-toed) sloth earlier in the week, I ran 10-miles in the rain this Friday. ;-)

And yes, tomorrow is the half marathon (i.e., the Potomac River Run Half-Marathon). Actually, it's my very first official half marathon race, although I've covered that distance & further on training runs several times before, i.e., 14.1 miles last September, & 14-16 mi pretty much almost every weekend from January to March).

Needless to say, considering the inconsistent training logged over the past month, I'm going for completion, & not a PR. That decision was basically made for me when I decided that I was going to take a week off from running after the Cherry Blossom, & then that week somehow morphed into two. ;-)

In my defense, I was a bit more consistent in my running last week. OK, that's a fairly lame defense, which in reality, is hardly much of a defense at all. Hahahaha.

I'm hoping that running in Europe over the next couple of weeks will give me precisely the "battery-charge" that I so desperately need at present. A change of scenery & temperature (thankfully, a much cooler one!) is most welcome right about now!

Anyhow, it's 12:25 am & as usual, I've yet AGAIN managed to stay up way past my recommended bedtime the night before a race. Heck, it's happened so often, it might as well be a pre-race ritual - LOL!

Can't believe I have to get up at 5 am. I've run races on less sleep before, so while that's definitely not a recommended practice, it's actually had surprisingly decent results at times. You really can never tell. Hopefully, I haven't stacked the cards too high this time. Oh well, it's too late to be concerned with that now. ;-)

Hmmm, maybe I should shift to Plan B: Making up for some of that lost sleep as Erik's driving us to the race site tomorrow. :)

OK, time to get what little sleep I still can. Goodnight, all!



Ali said...

Nice thing about it being your first 'official' half is that it's automatically your PR. ;)

cyberpenguin said...

Hi Ali,
Hahaha, good point! ;-)

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