Monday, June 15, 2009

1 Making Up for Lost Time: Several Weeks of Weekly Updates (!)


Hiya Everybody,

Hope you're all having a great summer! Thanks so much for all your comments; I promise to reply soon. :) There's been a lot going on lately, & as a result, my blog-related activity (writing, reading, correspondence, etc.) has been nominal at best.

What happens during times like these is that I go into what could best be described as "minimal mode." The baseline activities like working out, recording runs & races (at DailyMile), etc., still get done, but there's not much time for much online interaction (blogging, tweeting, Facebook-ing, etc.), nor do the DailyMile posts have a great deal of their usual descriptive flourish/detail. :)

So, instead of backtracking & writing a summary here of the activity of the past few weeks, it's just easier to post a link to those workouts, & let you see what I mean about "busy-ness = brevity." ;-)

So, please click here for an overview of all DailyMile posts since I got back home from the trip. Entries from this period start from May 30th & go until the present. As you'll notice, there aren't very many posts. ;)

To my blogger pals & "tweeps," please know that I'm looking forward to catching up on reading what's been going on with you. Hope you are all doing well & enjoying your running!

Happy trails,

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Tim Wilson said...

I fully understand - life gets so busy at times there is just too much to do. I too have had to pair down and not post in so many places. I post too much at the places I do.... but have to draw the line somewhere :)

Keep running!

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