Wednesday, June 24, 2009

1 A Missed Race, Some Updates, & A New Approach


I was supposed to run a 5K race this past weekend (i.e., Run for Roses 5K) that I'd registered for a while back, but due to unforeseen circumstances completely out of my control, wasn't able to run the race. So now I have a T-shirt for a race I didn't run. Not something that's ever happened to me before until now, (as I earnestly make every effort under the sun to fulfill race-day commitments, whether as a racer or volunteer), but guess there's a first time for everything, eh?! ;)

The ironic upside to all of this is that while, I've run this race in previous years, I've never gotten a T-shirt until this year. So the way I look at it, this year's T-shirt will just be representative of all of the previous years I actually ran the race. :)

It's a favorite race of mine for various reasons & it was difficult having to miss it this year. Was really looking forward to it, but there's always next year. Hopefully by then, I'll really be able to make a significant dent in my previous PR for this course. ;)


Some small bits of news:

YouTube: I've added a channel to YouTube for my professional running coaching gig. The username is CoachCyberpenguin. The plan is to publish videos there containing useful tips on training & nutrition, injury prevention, etc., etc. Feel free to befriend me there & let me know what you think (that is, once I've got content posted there).

Liveperson: As of early this morning, I'm happy to announce that I now provide personalized, professional consultations via Liveperson for current & aspiring runners on related topics - coaching people to their fitness/sports nutrition/health goals, helping people design training plans, etc., etc.

New Speed Clinic: I will be heading up a brand new 10K speed clinic for a relatively new running club in the local area. This clinic will be the first very running program of its kind for this particular club. Some exciting stuff! The club is headed up by a very enthusiastic & supportive fellow & I'm really looking forward to engaging with the members of this very dynamic organization. Details to follow shortly.....


Some updates/changes to this blog: As mentioned previously, since I've been recording my workouts & road race reports on DailyMile, there's no need to duplicate the details of those events here. So, that means blogging less about day-to-day workouts, & instead focusing on providing content on "special events of note" as well as advice & reflections on running-related topics. As you can see from my previous post, I might still occasionally provide links to road race reports, but due to usefulness of DailyMile as a workout log, as well as shifting priorities, I've realized that this blog has gradually evolved into something else. It has become more "literary journal" & less "daily personal fitness journal." And frankly, I'm perfectly OK with that.

Through all of the "journaling," it's become apparent that running has become a larger lens from which to see the rest of life & the world. It's simply a way & a means to describe life's experiences and lessons, in both its broadest & most specific terms.

My approach to running & coaching pretty much sums up my approach to life. In its simplest form that distills down to moderation, balance, common sense, adequate preparation, & the importance of putting a very real & human face on it all. Of course, from a very literal, fitness-based perspective, this translates into being smart about training, in terms of listening to one's body & building fitness via gradual increments, as well as acknowledging one's "current realities" and working with them as opposed to fighting against them.

However, as you may've noticed, a lot of the stuff I like to write about is not the obvious how-to stuff. This blog isn't "running-by-numbers," thank you very much. :)

While the "how-to's" & mechanics are certainly important, I often feel like too singular of a focus on these concrete how-to's are a short-cut to a very limited perception of what running can be.

Equally important are the more abstract philosophical topics which might not seem directly related to running, & yet, are very much so indeed. The larger philosophical implications of some of these aforementioned precepts (i.e., moderation, balance, etc.) are huge. It goes beyond things like "finding ways to chill" or "listening to one's internal signals/conscience." To me, the ideal of sportsmanship is a way of moving through the world that applies not just to sports, but to the world in general.

I think that both types of thinking are equally valid and important, in terms of appreciating both the vissicitudes & immutabilities of the sport. To have one without the other would simply be missing out on the larger picture of what the sport of running has to offer.

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TexasTesla said...

You know, I've never tried a running coach...I'm eager to see what you post on YouTube, and how I might incorporate it to my own training. Good luck with everything - you sound incredibly busy!

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