Monday, July 13, 2009

3 Fun in the Sun on That Run, or How I Ended Up with That Unusual Tan Line :)


Let's face it, we runners have got some interesting tan lines. After all, how many non-runners can claim they have a "stop watch" tan, or the even lovelier "iPod sports armband" tan line? :)

Probably not too many, eh?!

And then there are the interesting tan lines caused by wearing criss-cross sports tops & capris. They certainly outdo the more traditional "farmer's tan" any day of the week. ;)

I would just like to know how many of you have experienced any or all of the above, & how many of you never need to waste time setting aside actual "sunning" time because you're too busy getting an "accidental tan" by just running in the sun. :)


Since tanning is considered to be not such a great thing to do anymore, due to harmful radiation which can cause skin cancer & other nasty conditions, I'm not necessarily applauding the idea of baking in the sun like an egg frying on a Washington DC sidewalk in the middle of August. :) I'm probably the last person you'd find wasting money on tanning salons; yes, I know, they are rather unhealthy.

However, I've got mixed feelings about being outside in the sun. Basically, on the one hand, I realize it's probably no better than being in a tanning salon, save the vitamins A & D one is getting from the sun exposure, although the other things it gives you might be far more detrimental. ;)

And then there are the cosmetic issues to contend with, which, while clearly not as serious as the health concerns, are still something to consider, especially if you want to retain your youthful good looks. :) Frankly, I'd rather not shrivel into a piece of cracked leather, nor do I care to be mistaken for 80 when I'm only 40. ;)

However, I still feel the need to run & be active outside. So, my tack has been to make every effort to run very early in the morning or in the evening. Or if I'm going to hike in the middle of the day, then it's time to find a mountainous trail with lots of trees. :)

And when it's not possible to do either of these options, I take the necessary precautions when being active in the sun. Even on an overcast morning, it's important to apply sunblock/sunscreen. The rays are still there, peeking through the clouds. :)

So how many of you remember to put on sunblock or sunscreen before you workout outside? Do you have any special routines that help you remember to put it on before you walk out the door? Do you keep sunblock/sunscreen in the trunk of your car? Or perhaps leave the bottles in a visible location where you'll see it before you walk out the door to exercise?

If you forget to apply it & then walk out the door to run, would you go back inside to apply it once you remembered, even if you were just about to exercise? What about if you were en route to a workout destination? Would you turn around & go home or stop off at a store to buy a spare bottle of sunblock or sunscreen?

What level of awareness do you have about sun protection & how important is it to you?

OK enough questions.

And that's pretty much it for this public service message. :)


Blaine Moore said...

I try to avoid running directly in the sun, and usually wear sunscreen. I also try to get onto trails where there is shade whenever possible.

Given my proclivity for migraines, I have always worn sunglasses to protect my eyes, but for the past year or two I've started wearing a hat when I run to keep as much of the sun off of my head as possible.

Dan Cummings - Running Realtor said...

I typically don't worry about the sun and tend to go for a decent tan every year. Normally I'll put a dab of sunscreen on my face in the morning but never cover other parts of my body unless I'm going to spend the day at the beach or on the boat.

cyberpenguin said...

I imagine that Maine is considerably less toasty in the summer than DC, which must help a bit too, in terms of keeping cool. :)

Good idea regarding the hat & shades; I won't go anywhere in the sun without my shades & sunscreen either, & have been known to wear one of those perforated, breathable hats/visors as well.

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