Monday, July 27, 2009

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Hello Everybody,

Below is a press release which I wrote about Running Hoosier magazine, for those who are interested in finding out more about the publication:

Who We Are:

Welcome to Running Hoosier Magazine! We're Indiana's only running magazine, and while we do feature the local running scene, our magazine is not just for runners, nor just for Hoosiers. We are also geared toward the entire fitness community.

Our publication is a refreshing, down-to-earth take on fitness and health-related topics for regular, everyday people. Running Hoosier will have something of interest and of use to all endurance, multi-sport athletes. We cover a diverse range of topics, including training, fitness, sports nutrition, health & healthy living, local runners and events, interviews, and other issues that we, as endurance athletes, face in our sports. Our magazine is for runners of all ages, shapes and sizes, and experience levels. So whether you are new to the sport or have run for years -- this publication is for you.

Our magazine team is composed of writers from all across the nation, with backgrounds in running, swimming, and cycling, etc.

We believe that there are many facets of fitness & well-being and will not shy from any of them. Three of them which are vitally important are the mental, physical and spiritual. Our magazine will provide useful information on all of these topics.

We at Running Hoosier magazine hope that you find our publication to be an invaluable resource for all your training needs.

How to Get Involved:

--There are several ways to connect and interact with our magazine: Visit our website,; join our Facebook group at and our social network at

--Get ready for the premiere issue of Indiana's ONLY running magazine, in September 2009! Magazine subscriptions are can be purchased online via the Running Hoosier website, Subscriptions are only $10.00 for six issues, or $1.67 per issue.

--Are you a writer? An endurance athlete? Do YOU picture yourself writing for our magazine? Running Hoosier is always looking for qualified writers who would like to contribute articles to the magazine. Please note that, while Running Hoosier does not pay for any article submissions at the current time, we do, however, send the writer a free copy of the issue in which their article appears, for their portfolio. If you'd like to write for us, please go to the Running Hoosier magazine website,, click on the "Freelance writers" link towards the top of the page, and fill out the contact form to indicate your interest in writing for the magazine. Please mention any previous writing and running-related experience, including published works and blogs.

--After a pre-screening process, the Managing Editor of Running Hoosier magazine will contact individuals and ask them to submit 3 writing samples which best represent the writer's work. Writers, please note that we accept only original content for publication. Content must not be published elsewhere, including verbatim content which has already been posted to blogs or submitted to other publications. We will, however, accept articles on topics which the writer has written about previously, provided it is not simply duplicate or paraphrased content.

--Advertisers interested in reserving ad space, as well as those interested in other, non-writing related career opportunities with the magazine, please contact us using the appropriate contact forms ( i.e., the "Advertising Information" & "Contact Us" links, respectively) on the Running Hoosier magazine website,

--Robert Overton, Editor-in-Chief, and Corey Irwin, Managing Editor, can also be contacted via Twitter at @runninghoosier & @cyberpenguin, and via Facebook, at &, respectively. Please do not send any time-sensitive correspondence to Twitter or Facebook. Thanks!

Corey Irwin
Managing Editor
Running Hoosier Magazine

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