Saturday, July 11, 2009

0 Let's Here It For Erik!


There's someone here whom I need to thank in a big way, who probably doesn't get nearly enough recognition for his efforts. And that person is Erik, a.k.a., my squeeze.

Some of you already know him personally, & others only know him vicariously, probably from me yammering on about him from time to time on this blog. :)

Those of you who know him already know what a great guy he is! Some of you have met him at road races -- And if you haven't, just be on the lookout for a laid-back blond guy in a baseball cap & athletic gear, taking photographs at various points around the race course. :)

I would post a picture of him here, so you could see who I'm talking about, but he's very camera-shy (even more so than me!) & probably wouldn't like that very much. :)

Anyhow, some of you have asked me how the heck I keep all those plates spinning in the air at once, & the answer is that I couldn't do it without the support of Erik. He's simply amazing.

As with most couples, there's usually the more extroverted one (that'd be me ;) ) & the calmer, slightly quieter one (that'd be Erik :) ). You could say that Erik is the guy operating "behind-the-scenes," but that doesn't really do him justice. He's certainly not shy, & has a lot to say. It's just that he choses not to say it publicly in the form of a blog. :)

He's also a runner, & has just finished Week 4 of the CT5K/C25K program, (though it's not his first time through -- This program's also great for getting back into shape after a hiatus from running. I've also used it this way as well on previous occasions). He's actually the one who got me into the CT5K/C25K program in the first place, & so, deserves the credit for that too. He's planning running the Cherry Blossom 10-Miler with me next year. He's doing well in his training, & of course I'm doing my best to support & encourage his efforts in that regard. (It also helps that we are both running, because that in & of itself, is a great reinforcement/motivational factor for each other.) He also lifts weights regularly, & frankly, at this point, could probably lift three of me above his head with his little pinky. :)

He comes to all my races without prompting, photographs all the events, & when I'm not running in races, he volunteers on weekends with me.

But it's not just the racing events either. Just this morning, he took care of a zillion things -- big & small -- just to give me more time to work on various running-related programs, writing/editing projects (i.e., "Running Hoosier" magazine, etc.), & other new business ventures.

Erik, I couldn't do all of this without you, so thank you for everything.

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