Tuesday, July 7, 2009

0 Volunteers Needed For 24th Annual Twilighter 8K Next Weekend


The 24th Annual Rockville Rotary Twilight 8K, (a.k.a."the Twilighter," as DC area locals call it), organized by our running club, the MCRRC, is one of the most fun & festive races of the summer. The turnout -- of runners, volunteers, & spectators alike -- is impressive. The race-day atmosphere is electric, filled with revelry & anticipation, which is not just reserved for the road race itself, but also for the post-race party. :)

The proceeds from this event go to support a good cause -- the Rockville Youth Recreation Fund, which makes it possible for Rockville youth to participate in fee-paid recreation programs that they might not otherwise be able to afford, as well as to other Rotary-supported charities. Additional tax-deductible contributions can also be made along with your entry fee during race registration.

Erik & I just signed up to volunteer for this race, & are now waiting to hear back from the volunteer coordinator. We are looking forward to participating in one of the biggest local area races of the summer!

Volunteering for races is lots of fun! And the "Twilighter 8K" is no exception. You get to have a good time hanging out with a great group of people (many of them fellow runners from the MCRRC), all the while supporting the community & participating in one of the most popular summer racing events in the region.

The MCRRC shows their appreciation to volunteers by providing them with special volunteer T-shirts, food before the race, & training for all volunteering jobs.

Over 400 volunteers are needed for this race in order for it to operate smoothly/successfully, so you'll be in town on that day (i.e., Saturday, July 18th), the race organizers would, in all likelihood, be most appreciative of the extra help!

The race starts at 8:45pm, but there are also volunteer jobs for people before & during race day.

BTW, if you run the race & then volunteer to help with equipment return after the race, they'll waive your race entry fee. :)

If you'd like to register &/or volunteer for the race, please visit the event website for more information. Please be sure to read the volunteer requirements & other information before filling out the online volunteer sign-up form.

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