Friday, August 21, 2009

0 Brief Weekly Update: Cyberpenguin's Gone Fishin' in PA :)


Just wanted to write a brief update before I go out for this morning's run.

Here are a few things that've been going on here:

--We did the Lewisburg Triathlon last weekend as a relay team. A young lady named Johanna did the 600 yard swim, my Dad did the 15 mile bike ride, and then I did the 5K race portion at the end. It was lots of fun. More on that later.

--Robert Overton and I, and the rest of the magazine team have been hard at work on Running Hoosier's premier issue, due out in September. For more details, please visit

--For friends and family who aren't already aware, I just wanted to inform you that I'm in still visiting in PA, and will respond to your emails & other correspondence as time allows. I'm not exactly sure when I'll be returning to the DC area, probably Sunday at the latest.

OK, time to hit the trails. Have a great morning!

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