Tuesday, August 25, 2009

0 Some Cool Philly Marathon Links & Resources :)


Hi All,

Just letting you know about two groups for people training for the Philly Marathon & other related events on that day:

"Philadelphia Marathon" group on DailyMile.com
"Philadelphia Marathon" group on JustFinish.com

The above two group are for those who have participated or plan to participate in events associated with the Philadelphia Marathon, including the Philadelphia Full & Half Marathons, Rothman Institute 8K, etc.

Also, for those training for the Philly Marathon & related events, we currently have a "Countdown to Philly" Challenge on DailyMile.com that you're welcome to join. The goal is to help motivate yourself & others to build mileage for your training.

These groups & the challenge are for both Philly Marathon newbies & vets alike. Hope you'll join us!

Good luck!

P.S. I just found this really cool simulated, digitized tour of the Philly Half on YouTube:

Now does anyone know where I can find the digitized tour of the full? ;)

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