Sunday, August 23, 2009

0 Quick Post Before A Run


Lily (i.e., the family bulldog) and I just had our respective breakfasts this morning after her daily walk. No one else in the household is up yet, so I thought I'd write a few words while both of us digest breakfast and Lily naps at my feet, which is probably her way of digesting breakfast. :)

Or would that be a doggie "food coma"? Am not quite sure. :)

I'm really enjoying visiting in PA -- life is quite idyllic here, and every time I say I'm coming home in a day or so, then it seems I add another day or two to my stay. :)

It's also been a nice respite from my usual roster of responsibilities & tasks. I must admit that I'm also enjoying being a little less "plugged into the matrix." The only constant online activity I've been doing lately is recording my mileage on DailyMile. :) Other than that, there's been the occasional blog post here and there, some Facebook status updates (all via DailyMile), and zero tweeting. Yes, highly unusual behavior. :)

This stay has been really great. It's been great fun hanging out with Mom & Dad, and family friends.

Lily is getting used to her early morning walks with me, and I'm going to miss her when I leave. Then, it's back to Erik & cats, & friends in DC I go. I do miss everybody at home, but all the same, don't really want to leave PA just yet.

Maybe I'll head back on Tuesday? We'll see. :)

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