Thursday, September 17, 2009

4 Some Thoughts Before A Run


It's been a while since my last post, and there's a good reason for this: I've been really busy lately!

There are several new & exciting plans in the works, several of which I'll be revealing here at some point (hopefully!) in the near future.

As for recent news regarding the marathon training, I've had a small set-back and have been off my feet for an entire week, nursing some recurring knee pain & soreness. I basically already know why this happened, but don't really feel like going into it right now. Instead, what I want to focus on is getting back out there, while of course carefully monitoring the situation. If the soreness keeps up, I might be headed to the doctor.

Since it's been about week since my last run, the next run will most likely be a 3-5 miler. I always run based on feel -- how the body feels, and in this case, more specifically, the knees. The way I look at it, it's like my body is a car (I won't say what model year - LOL!) & I'll be taking her out for a test spin on the road today. :)


Anonymous said...

I definitely know what you mean about running on feel...and about the knees! The better part of the last decade in the Army has definitely made me re-evaluate the way I run (distance, technique...etc) to allow for the beating my body takes. That's the focus of my blog. I'm glad I found your blog...I look forward to reading more. -Tom

Cyberpenguin said...

Hi Tom,

Thanks for your comment & for becoming a new reader. Hope you enjoy this blog & the new friendships you make in the "Runner Tweeps" Facebook group. (Saw that you recently joined. See, I pay attention. :) )

It sounds like you've gained a great deal of wisdom & perspective through your experiences. Likewise, I look forward to checking out your blog!


Andrew is getting fit said...

I hope the knee problems sort themselves.

Anonymous said...

Thank you. They did...I just had to change the way I run a little bit...but it's worked out for the better because I figured out the best way to run for my body, and I'm running faster and longer now than I was before.


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