Sunday, December 27, 2009

2 The Subject is Unrelated.....


One of my friends has this hilarious series of posts she does on Twitter called "the picture is unrelated." It's usually accompanied by a link to some really bizarre photo (culled from the web of course) that makes absolutely no sense at all. Of course, it's very silly (in an endearing sort of way that of course only she can manage to accomplish), but the comments she writes which accompany the photos are of course completely hilarious.

Some of you might know exactly whom I'm talking about. Here's a small clue, (which of course, in reality, is no clue at all! Hehehe.): This person is a funny, clever, beautiful, charming, heart-warming person who's got more energy & feistiness in her little pinky than most (er, non-exercising) humans typically have in their entire bodies. :-D If you could bottle her inner glow & market it, it would be a hot commodity. :)

(Of course, I'm protecting her identity as a courtesy, but her identity is probably a widely-held secret at this point, since she's so popular, and justly so. :) If she wants to reveal who she is, I'll let her do that, instead of unceremoniously outing her here. So if the particular person I'm referring to happens to be listening at the moment, feel free to reveal yourself in the comments section, if you like. :) )

Anyhow, I'm writing this post as a sort of tribute to that little no-longer-inside joke, because yes, the "subject" is in fact, once again, completely "unrelated," ...that is, to running. :)


Lately, writing these sorts of unrelated-to-running posts has been akin to "breathing" for me. I hope you don't mind them, but some people have told me that they enjoy reading them. At any rate, it's very necessary for my sanity right now, which is teetering on the "OMG, I can't take not running much longer!!!!" boundary line. :-D

As I've recently been sick, and have been battling this on & off in addition to some other elements in my life that I won't go into right now, I've been spending a lot of "quality time" with my comforter and pillows. While I certainly enjoy sleep, there's only so much sleep & resting a person can do, before they go absolutely and totally ga-ga. And I'm not talking about Lady Gaga here. :) It's not exactly someplace that I enjoy being involuntarily chained to on a 24/7 basis, but I've made do because there's been no choice in the matter -- going on marathon sleeping sessions, cycling through shivers and fever, nasea, severe pounding headaches, & other oh-so-fun "joy rides" of sickness (i.e., the remaining details of which you will be thankfully spared), and reading continuously during any remaining time that I've somehow actually managed to be conscious. :) I've pretty much shunned any and all TV-watching at this point, preferring instead to bury myself in an entire series of escapist sci-fi fantasy books.

This explains a good bit of my recent absence from computer/internet-land. :)

Anyhow, the result of the above has been that my mind has been on over-drive. And of course, I'm restless now like you wouldn't believe. There's been altogether way too much time spent sleeping and thinking lately. And even during the sleeping, there was lots of thinking going on. :)

And that part probably explains the deluge of writing you see before you here.

At any rate, I cannot WAIT to get healthy ..and yes, to get MOVING, again. Ever since the physical exercise has died down (out of pure necessity/self-preservation), part of me feels like my body better get moving soon, before my brain decides to mutiny and stage a take-over. ;)

Just for laughs, I'm posting my last few Facebook status messages here -- no worries, I edited out any personal remarks from friends & family to protect their privacy -- so that you can see the state of my mind after I, Cyberpenguin, the sickly wing├Ęd Sea Creature from the Deep, with eyes filmed with the heavy sea-slime of sleep, briefly re-emerged from the deep dark depths of my resting chambers (otherwise known as a bed to most people ;) ), and then slogged back to my fitful, accursed den of primordial ooze. Haha! (OK, I think these sci-fi novels are beginning to rub off on my writing somewhat!)

Facebook status messages (from this week):

"No, I haven't been attacked by a fifty-foot sea monster, in case you've all been wondering. Have been away. Then got sick, twice... with two totally different bugs. So it was kind of like getting attacked by a fifty-foot sea monster. ;) Just came out of the clear today."

(OK, what's with the sea creature references, this week?! ;) Well, I was reading about mythical monsters, and in a particular scene, one of them happened to emerge, very dramatically, from the sea. Hmmmm.)

"Life feels so different when you're not running or working out. Injury & illness have made it a strange couple of months. "

"Been listening to a lot of music & reading non-stop. It's been a quiet, self-contained world lately."

"Am sick of being sick. Know what I mean?!!!!! @#$&#$*!!!!!"


This little moment of levity has been brought to you by a person who has clearly slept WAY too much and hasn't exercised in "I'm embarrassed to say exactly how long." My entire being is now cringing in horror at the thought that some of my runner pals will actually check my DailyMile log to find out exactly how long that duration has been. ;)

Ack! Now why did I write that thought outloud here. Smack, smack, smack! :)

This post is sure to be followed by some semi-serious posts, some completely ridiculous not-at-all serious posts, and then some inevitable writing about me getting back to running. The last action, however, will only happen after I've actually started running again, because I've found that publicly declaring or writing about my intentions to do anything, when it takes the form of an official announcement, usually has the equivalent effect of squashing them like little bugs frantically scurrying away from the massive shadow of impending doom ...i.e., the bottom of a big anachronistically-unhip -- think hideously clunky & squared-toed -- old shoe. ;)

Something strange seems to happen after the intentions begin to form in my brain and then travel from my brain to lips or typing hands (in this case). Instead of gaining momentum, they lose all potency, and the will that once accompanied these thoughts now just seems to evaporate into thin air. Some of you KNOW what I'm talking about here. This has NOTHING to do with slacking. It has to do with that interesting phenomenon known as "setting oneself up for a fall." It's been my observation in myself & in many others that expectations typically kill intention, so it's better not to make a fuss and quietly go about the "doing" part. Then after that part's done, it's much safer to talk about it. :)

Of course, the best way to preserve intention is to seal the lips (i.e., resist the temptation to discuss it with others), write down some realistic short-term goals to set them in your mind's eye, and then follow it up as soon as possible with some action.

So, in the interests of staging a successful outcome & remaining accountable for my actions, I'm going to just wait patiently until I feel well enough, and then just get on with the business of running, thank you very much. :)

Until then, have some peaceful silence, compliments of this blog. :)

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