Thursday, February 4, 2010

2 Hallelujah! Blogger Finally Created Tabbed Views!!!!


Boy, am I excited!!!!! Now, this might not seem like much to others, but for bloggers using Blogger/Blogspot, we are finally able to use tabbed views in any elegant & easy manner, without having to fuss with HTML code or move to Wordpress! Yayayayayay!

I cannot tell you how long I've been waiting for Blogger to create & institute this feature! Of course, there were very messy & imperfect ways of doing this by manipulating HTML/CSS code, but frankly, I didn't have the time to undertake this laborious effort. I had enough to do!

So how does this affect readers of this blog?

Good question.  Why thank you. :)

People who subscribe via RSS probably won't be able to see these tabs without actually visiting the blog.  Of course, RSS readers can just click links for this blog or any of its posts, which will then take them to the blog page view.

As you can probably see, the tabbed views now appear at the top of this blog.  Currently, there are 11 headers: HomeAboutGoalsRace CalendarShop (merchandise from my Zazzle store), ContactHonors/PressRunning ResourcesAdvertising, & My Blogs.

This new viewing style allows for a much cleaner blog interface: I'm finally able to clean up this blog's front page & move all of the running resources & other sidebar elements to the tabbed views at the top of this blog. And thank heavens for that, because this blog was beginning to look like a library's card catalog!

This way, I'm still able to prominently feature this information without it cluttering up my blog. Before Blogger's implementation of tabbed views, I didn't want to move this information to a regular post, because it would be buried amongst the other entries.

No longer are there miles & miles of resources listed on the sidebar of this blog. :)

So get ready for a much tidier-looking, better-organized blog. Yes, you can now breathe a sigh of relief! I know I did. :-D


Andrew is getting fit said...

Switch to wordpress! :)

Cyberpenguin said...

Very funny! ;)

Well, now I don't have to do that. :-P Of course Blogger could stand to improve their spam control features & allow bloggers to modify their existing comments, just like Wordpress. LOL.

I've got a Wordpress blog already set up but it requires a lot of time & effort to move to it, neither of which I currently have. :) Plus, I'd lose a good deal of my subscribers. :( Both are good reasons for why I'm not migrating anytime soon. ;)

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