Sunday, February 7, 2010

0 Lots Going On At The "Cooking With Corey" Blog......


As some of you may already know, one of my other blogs, Cooking With Corey, offers healthy gourmet recipes & nutrition tips for people focused on healthy living & fitness.

Most of the recipes on this blog are original, created by yours truly.  All of the recipes must first go through a process of rigorous scrutiny & taste-testing in my test kitchen before they are posted on the site.  Family & friends get involved in the taste-testing process, & if it meets their approval & my own, then & only then, do recipes make the cut.

Many of these recipes incorporate fresh fruits & vegetables, fiber, omega 3's, & healthy low-fat sources of protein.  However, you can rest assured that these are not the kind of recipes that you'll sprinkle wheat germ over & cringe while getting your daily dose of fiber.  Neither I nor my blog are about that kind of healthy eating. :-D  Recipes posted there must also be truly delicious, in addition to being healthy!

Due to the situation mentioned in my last post, I have been blogging a bit more about cooking & knitting these days, as friends on Twitter & Facebook have surely noticed. ;)

So that means, while I might not be blogging as regularly here until I jumpstart my fitness program again, that people who subscribe to my other blogs, Cooking with CoreyUnderage Knitter, will be the direct beneficiaries.  After all, the writing output has to go somewhere! :)

So, if you're interesting in improving your nutritional health & need ideas for what to make for your family, head on over to Cooking With Corey, & check it out.

If you'd like to follow my recipe/cooking blog, you're welcome to subscribe via RSS or email. (If you'd like to receive copies of these recipes in your Inbox, then email is probably the best option. If you change your mind,  it's easy enough to unsubscribe from this option at any time.)

Best wishes for health & happiness,

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