Friday, March 26, 2010

2 POOF! Tonight's Article Has Disappeared....


I was really looking forward to posting tonight, but apparently Blogger had other plans in store for me. ;)

Imagine spending 2 1/2 hours writing an article & being very pleased with the end product, only to have it snatched away from you at the last minute. Now before you rail at me for not saving my work or not backing up my hard drive's files to another location, please understand that I was working online and Blogger autosaves every few seconds.

I'd finished the article was just about to click the "Publish" button when I got an error for "conflicting edits." However, I only had ONE window open and there was only ONE open copy of the draft post I was working on. The strange thing is that Blogger had auto-saved the final edits before I was going to post, & then all of a sudden the error appeared & then, "POOF!", the file was GONE. I quickly hit the back button from the error page, hoping that I could recapture some of the content. Believe it or not, this sometimes works, depending on one's blogging platform and other web-related constructs. When I saw an empty page come up, I quickly clicked on the "Edit" view because I knew I'd have to be really fast in order to prevent the document from auto-saving in its blank form.  I hoped (against all logical possibility signaling otherwise!) that the error meant that there was somehow a secondary copy with the content still intact, or at least a previous version of the content. Sometimes this happens when there's an issue with "conflicting edits." However, there was no such luck.  Not only was there no second copy but ALL of the article's pre-existing content had been wiped clean.

Having worked in IT for many years, I know all the usual tricks to retrieve data, and am well-acquainted with how data is handled by webservers and also by Blogger, in specific. However, there was nothing I could do.

I swear this has NEVER happened to me in Blogger before tonight.

My heart felt like it had been dropped into my stomach.  I stood there for a few minutes, completely stunned. It honestly felt like something had been stolen from me & then smashed to bits.

Don't know if any of you have had the above experience happen to you before, but it's certainly nerve-wracking and unsettling. Imagine pouring all your best efforts into your writing, spending a good deal of time carefully crafting your words, & then "POOF!" your article is gone, & there's nothing at all to show for it.

Anyhow, the title of this deleted article was "The Link Between Personal Growth, Character, & Sportsmanship."  It addressed the specific ways in which these qualities are connected to each other, and gave specific examples of how participating in athletics can positively shape our perspectives, and give us profound insights.  I talked about team sports and individual sports, and what each can teach us in terms of character development.  The article also discussed personal growth and change, and effective ways in which health and sports professionals (coaches, etc.) can have a lasting and positive impact on others.  I wrote passionately about the topic, and gave specific suggestions for how we can all support individuals in our lives who are trying to transform themselves and improve their fitness, nutrition, and health.

I'd love to share this information with you, but as it's now very late, I'm not going to attempt to recreate that article right now. Maybe in future. Right now, it's time for bed.

Have a good night!


Robert Zemekis said...

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Vali said...

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