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0 At Long Last, Here's the Guacamole Recipe


Longtime readers of this blog might dimly recall that a while back I started a series here (i.e., in 2008) called "Simply Healthy Meals." I posted two, nutrition-centric recipes, and then decided it was probably better to save most of the cooking and recipe-related content for my "healthy gourmet" recipe blog.  After all, there's really no need to post duplicate recipes in both spots, as the recipe blog acts as a companion piece to this running blog. Both activities go hand in hand, and of course the recipe blog promotes and reinforces the same healthy values as this blog. :)

However, since I promised a while back that I'd post the guac recipe as a follow-up to the salsa recipe I'd already posted here, I'm going to fulfill that promise right now. See, I didn't forget. ;) However, in future, please visit Cooking with Corey to view the full scope of my original recipe collection. It's a large and diverse repository that's got something -- that is, a healthy and delicious something -- for everybody. :-D

The funny thing is that I'd already written up the preamble to this recipe that I'd specifically crafted for this blog, but then had gotten extremely busy with work-related activities, and became caught up in the "doing" of it all versus the "writing about it" part. :) (Well, I was still writing about my running, but the recipe-writing had slowed down a bit. ;) ) Bloggers, you know what I'm talking about. :) And then the recipe and its related introductory exposition just around sat in draft form, that is, until now. :)

As I was working on my cookbook project, and was creating various salsa recipes, I realized that it only made sense to post a guac recipe that'd go along with the salsa.  Then I remembered the promise I'd made here, and the guac post that had been forever hanging here out in the nether regions of blog purgatory. ;)

So, what I'm going to do is include the original excerpt of that preamble, i.e., the one which I'd intended to  post here, (which is very different from what I'd posted on the recipe blog), and then just provide a link to the guac recipe at the Cooking with Corey blog. Enjoy!

When it comes to guacamole, I'm a purist. I don't want bits of tomato in there, or odd, non-traditional ingredients like grapes or pomegranate seeds mucking it all up. ;-)

First, there's clearly an issue of taste. And I mean that on two levels. LOL. If you need to mask the flavor of the avocado like that, then maybe you truly don't like the taste of it in the first place. ;)

I also take to task those recipes that add unnecessary, tastebud-clobbering, artery-clogging ingredients like mayo, oil, shredded cheese, sour cream, &/or cream cheese. (I'm particularly talking about the full-fat versions!) Heck, at that point, why not just toss in some "Cheez Whiz" & a bag of pork rinds & call it a day?! ;-)

To my mind, avocado has such a smooth, velvety texture; why the "bleep" would anyone want to add any of these unnecessary "silkeners"? It not only further "blandifies" the taste of the avocado into oblivion, but also adds a heck of a lot of needless fat to the recipe as well! If you eat the more fattening versions described above, you'll need to run a marathon before you eat it, because that's how many calories you are going to have to burn in order to stay slim. LOL.

On the other hand, don't expect this recipe to be a flavorless snoozefest either. Oh no. This guac recipe is not going to be some generic, grocery-store version of guacamole, thank you very much. :)

Of course, guacamole is a condiment, not a meal unto itself, and that's how it's meant to be used. Obviously, guac isn't meant to be eaten by itself. So, if you let the guac's flavor stay clean and simple, then it'll work better with the tableau of other, typically added ingredients -- the salsa, tortilla chips, olives, shredded cheese, and whatever else you'd like to add. (See? That stuff's not meant to be in the guac. LOL.) In terms of heat, let the "knock out punch" come from the salsa and not from the guac. After all, ingredients don't need to shout at 5 zillion decibels in order to be heard. Plus, if all of the ingredients are fighting each other for center stage, then it won't be long before your stomach will be screaming "¡Ay, caramba!" too. Hahahaha. Or, think of it this way: Too much pizazz and the stomach will be razzed. ;) If you keep the guac ingredients straightforward and simple, that way, the flavors work with one another, instead of against. Yes, when it comes to guac, it's better to employ the K.I.S.S. method of cooking. ;-)

And now onto the recipe..... As promised, here's the Recipe #105: Holy Guacamole! :) recipe. Enjoy!

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