Sunday, May 23, 2010

2 Jumpstart from a Change in Scenery.....


I find that a change of scenery can often be highly useful for restarting one's exercise regime. I've used this technique several times. It's very helpful, especially from a mental perspective. The change of location, especially a brand new location, helps to "reset" the mind in terms of motivation and intentions, as there are either different associations with this location or in the latter case, none at all. Essentially, you wipe the slate clean, leaving any exercise-related "baggage" behind you. :)

In my own case, this new location is my parents' home. Of course, the primary reason for the visit is to see my parents, but it also happens to be great for other reasons, one of them being that there are several places to walk and run. Also, their bulldog, Lily, is a great "excuse" to go for walk-run intervals. :)

As I haven't been running in quite some time (i.e., it's been several months, not counting a "false start" week of walk/run intervals for the C25K program about a month ago), the walk-run intervals are a good way to "ease" back into running. The dog is up for the exercise most days. Sometimes she can be a bit stubborn getting down the hill, (which is in keeping with "bulldog nature" -- they are prone to stubbornness!), but once we get into it, she's fine. This is not too different from human behavior. Sometimes it takes an extra "jumpstart" to get out the door and get going, but once we're in the swing of the exercise, and the behavior starts to solidify into a regular routine, it gets easier with each run. :)

This is Lily's usual formation after our walk-run intervals. :)


kara said...

She looks pooped!
I think I will run somewhere new tomorrow - thanks for the suggestion : )

Cyberpenguin said...

Haha, yeah, she's full of short bursts of high energy, and then she just collapses afterwards. ;) Bulldogs don't know how to pace themselves; they make better sprinters than long-distance runners. :)

You're welcome for the suggestion. :) Hope you have a great run tomorrow!

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