Monday, May 17, 2010

4 Thoughts About Running, Health, and Blogging


It might seem like I've taken a major vacation from this blog, and that would probably be an accurate statement, particularly for those of you who were previously used to seeing content here on a more regular basis. Frankly, there's been a lot going on lately in my life, and some of that stuff I'm not really at liberty to discuss, save my recent cookbook project geared towards endurance athletes and their sports nutrition needs.

These things have taken center-stage for obvious reasons, and have currently overshadowed most of my other activities; they are the prime reason why I've had to put certain activities on hold for the time-being.

Also, as some of you already know, I do happen to maintain several blogs and participate in several IRL and online activities, which also necessarily cut into my available time. I also administer forums and participate in various organizations and committees. Plus, it's nice to unplug from it all sometimes and just live one's life. :) Blogging comes and goes in phases for me; there are some periods in which I have more time to devote to it than other periods. That's just the way life is. Furthermore, I'm not going to blog if I don't have anything substantial to say just for the sake of blogging. Fellow bloggers, you know what I'm talking about here. :-D

Nonetheless, friends and acquaintances have often asked me, "What's going on with you?" or "How's your running coming along?" and to be honest about it, I've been avoiding answering a lot of these questions. :) Of course, I know that the reason they are asking these questions is because they care, (and not because they are trying to be nosy), and am very happy that they do ask. Of course, I care about them too and about what's going on in their lives, should they be open to sharing this information with me. I do my best to respect other people's privacy and make an express point of not prying into people's affairs when I sense that they don't want to share something. I find that most people will likewise do the same.

It's just that things lately have been very difficult for me, and as a result, I don't really feel like sharing much with most people these days, aside from exchanging general pleasantries and light banter. I do feel a bit badly about it, as even some of my best friends have no idea what's been going on or why I've been reluctant to get together or participate in social events, because they know that I'm normally a very outgoing and extremely social person. There's no doubt about it; I live for social interaction. :) This is why it's really difficult for me even to blog about something like this; I kind of feel badly about posting things like this, precisely because I can't explain what's going on to others. I'm really not trying to be a tease. All the same, I feel like I should say something, as it probably seems like I've dropped off the face of the planet here and elsewhere (i.e., DailyMile, etc.).

This is why, at this juncture, I'm particularly very grateful for the existence of social media and online communication in general. I relish the opportunity to stay connected to friends and acquaintances, whether they be runners or not.

As some of you might recall from an earlier post, I've had some injury and illness issues that have affected my running. While the majority of these issues have cleared up, there are still some that haven't. As mentioned previously, what I'm dealing with is nothing life-threatening, but it is something serious that I need to figure out how to manage. As this is a private and highly personal topic, I don't really feel like I should have to justify my situation or explain what's going on with me. It's not done to be unfriendly, but rather, it's just not something I feel comfortable addressing or divulging in any sort of detail here, other than acknowledging the fact that something is and has been going on with me for the past several months.

What's also difficult is that people keep asking me about my running over and over again, because what little I have revealed is not something which sticks in their long-term memory. Of course, I don't harbor any ill feelings towards any of these individuals nor do I expect them to remember everything I've told them on previous occasions, as I perfectly understand that it's difficult to keep track of so many people's lives and activities -- I have trouble with this myself. However, on the other hand, it just keeps reminding me of my situation and how tongue-tied I feel about it. 

Since I so strongly identify with being a runner, and other people also strongly identify me as such, it's been really hard to say to them, "I'm not running or training for any upcoming events." In a strange way, I feel like I'm letting them down somehow, even more so than myself.

It probably also explains why I haven't been blogging much here about running as of late. Of course, it just reminds me of what I'm not doing at present, and that's been very painful to think about. I love to run a great deal, and yet, am not participating in this activity at present. Of course, it's certainly not due to laziness or a lack of motivation. The bottom line is that I need to first resolve some health-related issues before I can run again. Furthermore, even though I'm not currently running, I still feel like there's a runner inside of me who can't wait to get out there and run again.

Maybe some of you can relate to what I've been going through. Sure, it's easy to blog when things are going well -- we all want to share our joy regarding those experiences, but then it often becomes difficult to publicly express thoughts and sentiments when things have come to a standstill for one reason or another. To paraphrase Flora Thompson, the author of Lark Rise to Candleford, "Joyous occasions are meant to be shared with the world, whereas difficulties and sorrows are private affairs."

Please understand that I'm not actually talking about running itself, i.e., when it doesn't go well. That inevitably is going to happen sometimes, and is part of the natural, overall process of running. I also believe that our so-called "bad" or "less-than-perfect" running experiences have a great deal more to teach us than when things are going peachy keen. :) These runs are just as instrumental to our progress and learning as runners.

What I'm really referring to is when things to happen to us which are difficult to share with others for one reason or another.

Nonetheless, in several positive ways, social media outlets (particularly Twitter and Facebook), as well as my cookbook writing, have allowed me to stay connected to the running world. Even though I'm not able to participate in the activity or share stories of recent racing events or my training progress, I do enjoy asking about other people's experiences and hearing and reading about their running-related anecdotes.

It's for these reasons that I hope that you won't abandon me or this blog as I struggle to get back on track with my health and my running. I really do need your support. It's really vital, especially in terms of keeping up morale.

Thank you, friends for your understanding and moral support during this difficult time. I wish you well in your endeavors, and hope that you are doing well and having wonderful running (and life) experiences. :)



Andrew is getting fit said...

I miss the posts and hope you recover soon so you can get your mojo back. :)

Tim Wilson said...

Corey - Thanks for sharing, hang in there!

DuffRunner said...

Corey-we'll be here whether you're running or cooking. Just don't do both at the same time. Be well.

Cyberpenguin said...

Aw, thanks, guys. Really appreciate the support. :) It's been great to hear about your running too. Hope you are all doing well!

LOL, Chris. That might be dangerous, especially where hot stoves are concerned. ;)

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