Friday, September 17, 2010

1 Upcoming Interview with Elite Runner, Meb Kelfezighi


Got anything you've always wanted to ask elite athlete, Olympic silver medalist, & defending champion of the ING New York City Marathon (@INGNYCMarathon), Meb Kelfezighi (@runmeb)? Well, now's your chance! Send me your questions & I'll try to fit them in during the interview.

Seems I'll be interviewing him this Tuesday. :)

Meb is helping Jared (of "Subway" fame) train for the marathon this November and the two will take to the streets of NYC this upcoming Tuesday for a prep run.....

Quite coincidentally, we happened to see Meb race at the 2009 USATF Cross-Country Championships (@usatrack_field) when Erik & I volunteered for this event; we were RRCA race monitors & had front row seats! It was a pretty amazing event to witness. Of course, Meb won all of his events, and if I recall correctly, it was by quite a large margin too. :)

And now I'm interviewing him. Wild. I almost can't believe it. Will someone pinch me, please?! I am so pumped for this interview!

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Rock Hard Abs said...

Wow! You're so lucky to have an interview with him. rock hard abs

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