Friday, November 12, 2010

4 Update: Blog Facelift Completed!


Hello there fellow runners,

Good news! I figured out a way to upgrade the code on this blog without upgrading the template itself. So that means that Google followers won't have to resubscribe. The blog upgrade is finally done. Yay!

BTW, I haven't forgotten about Meb's interview transcript. I've been incredibly busy, as I'm trying to meet a deadline for the cookbook that I'm currently writing. And so the interview post has currently taken a backseat to my other projects. I promise that I will, in fact, get to it as soon as things calm down a bit. In the meanwhile, you're welcome to watch the interview on my YouTube channel. It's been split up into two videos, as YouTube has a 15 minute limit per video post.

I plan to write up a transcript, include some background info & thoughts, & also post pictures of Meb & Jared completing the marathon. So, something to look forward to in the near future. :)

As for the cookbook project, here are some details, if you missed the earlier post I wrote on this blog: As I've mentioned before on this blog, the cookbook is going to include over 250 all-original, healthy gourmet recipes & is specifically geared towards endurance athletes & other healthy-minded individuals. Further information about the upcoming cookbook can be found here on this blog & also at Cooking with Corey.

Several people have told me that a lot of the existing cookbooks geared towards runners aren't as diverse or as interesting as they could be, so I'm attempting to rectify that. I believe that healthy cooking & eating should be a fun & exciting experience, & also enhance our training as well as our lives in general. Healthy, fresh food can taste really amazing & I'm out to prove it!

Happy Trails,

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