Tuesday, March 8, 2011

3 You Know You're A Runner When.... Hey, I Resemble That Remark! :)


Yeah, we've all seen those "You Know You're a Runner When...." types of posts on Facebook, but I thought I'd make up my own brief list and post it here. After all of the serious posts, this blog could use an injection of levity. :)

You know you're a runner when:
(1) You're constantly doing laundry, and over half of it is running clothes. :)
(2) You wear your hair in a ponytail more than you wear it down. (OK, that applies mostly to women with long hair. And I guess it could apply to some guys as well. ;) )
(3) You have been known to joke with fellow runners, "Street clothes? What are they?"
(4) Your toenails have an extremely short lifespan. You're never quite sure how long they'll be sticking around. ;)
(5) Due to #4, the idea of wearing sandals horrifies you. :)
(6) Most of your friends are runners.
(7) Your vacations have turned into "maracations." :)
(8) You've dedicated an entire room (or wing of your house!) to the display of your race medals, bibs, and other running memorabilia.
(9) You never have enough room for your running clothes. They are spilling out of your drawers & closets, threatening to burst forth like floodwaters through a dam. Pretty soon, you're going to have to get another dresser or wardrobe, or get rid of some of your street clothes to accommodate. It's either that, or you might have to kick your son out of his bedroom. ;) Yeah, maybe he can sleep in the garage or the laundry room. LOL!
(10) You've inspired many of your friends and family members to become runners. :)
(11) You spend a lot of time strategizing how you're going to get into those particularly popular races that always seem to fill up within the first 30 seconds after registration opens.
(12) You find yourself spending lots of time on mileage logging sites like DailyMile, etc.
(13) Your friends have now started calling you "the Imelda Marcus of running shoes." ;)
(14) You've plastered your car with several running-related bumper stickers, including those oval decals that proudly display to the world that you've mastered various racing distances, i.e.,  "13.1," "26.2," "50k," "39.3," "100k," "100," "150," etc. If you're posting them on your back window, I really hope that they're transparent stickers. Otherwise, you won't be able to see out of there. ;)
(15) Napping after long distance runs has become an extracurricular activity.
(16) You have considered moving to Mammoth Lakes, CA, or Colorado Springs, CO. :)
(17) You now have a separate category for racing expenditures in your annual household budget.
(18) You've accidentally fallen asleep with your Garmin still strapped to your wrist. ;)
(19) Your holiday wishlists consist exclusively of running apparel, gadgets, & other running-related gear.
(20) While reading this list, you found yourself nodding your head repeatedly and thinking, "Does Corey know me or WHAT?!" Hahaha.


Jake Rosen said...

Great list. I have to check a lot of those that apply to me. I would add: "your caloric intake is three times that of your spouse" and "your daily drives turn into scouting missions for new running routes."

Cyberpenguin said...

Thanks, Jake! Haha, that's great! Like those two additions. :)

gottatryit said...

Wow! That list is right on! Especially #4 and #15. Thanks for the great entertaining post! Check out my blog: www.gottatryit.webs.com

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