Monday, October 10, 2011

2 A New Literary Partnership


I'm excited to announce that I've recently joined forces with friend and athlete, Mauricio Sanchez, as a contributing writer for his wonderful website, Triathlon at 55, on the topics of sports and general nutrition for the endurance athlete. Here, Mauricio offers information relevant to the sports of running and triathloning, as well as his own personal reflections of his experiences, including his journey to become an Ironman competitor. At last count, he's completed one Ironman 140.6, two Ironman 70.3's, one Ironman 69.1 (the swim had been cancelled), three marathons, numerous half marathons, and countless short distance triathlons. And on top of that, Mauricio first began his training at the age of 52, having completed all of aforementioned events in the span of only 3 years. That's quite an impressive list of achievements in such a short amount of time, particularly for someone who'd progressively ramped up to 140.6 from scratch without any prior training. He's certainly been an inspiration to others, and through the formidable efforts of his fitness journey, proves the point that it's never too late to start exercising. :)

Mauricio's site is well-written, insightful, and inspirational. He has a straightforward and easy-going writing style, which makes his posts a pleasure to read. It's no wonder people are flocking to his site. :)

Here's Mauricio on his Steelhead bike,
looking very  focused and determined.
His latest post there is entitled, "About Being Fit vs. Being Healthy," which is written from the vantage point of personal experience, and touches upon some key points regarding the way in which we athletes regard our own health and fitness, particularly with respect to bridging the disconnect that is sometimes created between the two. In this article, he posits that a fit runner can still be unhealthy, and through his own story, illustrates how this situation can be reversed. He also raises pertinent questions that certainly merit attention as well as further examination. :) After all, what is fitness without health? In order to maximize our fitness potential and lead a long and fulfilling life, taking care of our own health has got to be part of the equation. The quality efforts we put into our workouts must be part of our own larger efforts to obtain long-term wellness, which inevitably will lead to an overall higher quality of life.

And of course, a major factor influencing both athletic performance and overall, long-term health is nutrition. :) The everyday choices we make about our food can, quite literally, change the course of our lives. By making a concerted effort to eat better and also educate ourselves about food and nutrition, we are stacking the cards in our favor in so many different ways. Food doesn't just affect our physical being, in terms of our physiology and biochemical makeup, it can also affect our moods, mental acuity, and overall cognitive abilities as well. Of course, exercise also has a significant impact upon these areas as well. Both good nutrition and regular exercise can be utilized as powerful preventative health measures,  promoting healthy organ function, increasing longevity, and protecting the body from disease and signs of aging. And when both are practiced regularly in conjunction with one another, the benefits to one's health and fitness levels are even greater. This is clearly the most effective way to net significant positive change.

Mauricio and I clearly share the same philosophy on the above issues, and so, for this reason, as well as many others, it would appear that our online collaboration is going to be an excellent fit on many different levels. As they say, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, and that applies to shared knowledge as well. :) The opportunity to exchange ideas with Mauricio and his readers is an exciting prospect, as we will all hopefully grow from the experience of coming together and collectively sharing our experiences and knowledge. :)

In addition to offering nutrition tips and information for endurance athletes on this site, I'll also be posting easy-to-prepare recipes incorporating easy-to-find ingredients there, as well as general healthy meal and snack ideas, to help out the average endurance-training Joe or Josephina. :) In other words, life is busy enough, but it's typically even more of a challenge for endurance athletes, because training (and all of the planning and preparing for the training itself!) can take up a lot of time. And let's face it, time for most of us is already at a premium. Fitting in everything else around our training and work schedules can sometimes be a challenge; and so, the point of my articles there will be to provide useful, time-saving suggestions for endurance athletes to help make it easier for them to cook and eat healthfully, and all the while, achieve this without spending too much time in the kitchen. :)

I'd like to encourage you to visit Mauricio's website so you can get a better sense of his background and perspective, in order to see what his site is all about. To learn more about Mauricio and his athletic endeavors, please visit the "About Me" section (i.e., tab) of his site. Mauricio's also got a Facebook page for his website, which goes by the name of Mauricio's Triathlon / Running Blog. Feel free to "like" his page. He's just recently created it, so it'd be great if you could lend him your support. Thanks so much!

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