Thursday, December 6, 2012

0 A Day in the Life, Penguin-Style


I know it's been like five eons since my last post, but there's been a lot going on over the past year or so, and by a lot, I mean an insane amount of "a lot." :)

As some of you might already know, I've been writing a bunch of books with the 7 Weeks to Fitness crew for a while now and it's been an absolute blast! These books are largely collaborative efforts that join together like-minded fitness professionals who share a healthy, measured, common-sense approach to nutrition and fitness. We all have different insights and areas of expertise, and so it's been a great experience filled with both sharing and learning. They are a great bunch of guys, and I'm really enjoying working with all of them!

Most recently, we've wrapped The Vegan Athlete, by Ben Greene and Brett Stewart, which is currently available for purchase, while the other books are currently in varying stages of completion (i.e., 7 Weeks to 10 Lbs. of Muscle, Paleo Fitness, etc.). (7 Weeks to 10 Lbs. of Muscle is currently available for preorder.) I've written recipes and meal plans (and for the first two books, some sports nutrition content as well) that are tailored specifically to each book's point of view, and these of course, all go hand in hand with the exercise programs in each book. The next book on the list is The Athlete's Cookbook, which will be written by Brett Stewart and myself. For that one, we'll also be modeling exercises for the book, so that requires a lot of hours of lifting in the gym. :) I'm still running, albeit shorter distances, mostly because, with all of the other stuff I do, in terms of both personal and business activities, I have to manage my time with laser-like precision. :) And also, right now, given my current, short-term goals, the strength training has GOT to take precedence. Almost everything in my life is scheduled right now in order to carve out for some precious, much-needed free time. :) Quite ironic, eh?!

For me, exercising serves multiple, highly essential functions, and now, more than ever. On a practical level, it's helping me get ready for the shoot, but on a purely mental level, it helps me structure the rest of my day, not to mention it's great for stress relief. And it also helps to keep me super-organized as well. On a personal level, it's also a way to carve out time that's just for myself.

Coupled with that, I've decided to enroll at a Chinese martial arts school, where I'll be taking kung fu, t'ai chi, and kickboxing/MMA. Yes, I'm probably certifiably insane for trying to juggle all of this, but my reasoning is this: Martial arts gives me something that the other activities don't. They fulfill a need in me that I can't exactly put into words. Peace of mind, stress relief, spiritual satisfaction, a calm, more detached but aware state of mind -- call it what you want, but it feels fantastic.

So right now, with all of the above activities, that means that I'm currently working out 6 days a week, and sometimes more than once in a day. Even though that might sound insane to some people (and to others, maybe not so much!), I need to do this right now in order to get to the proverbial finish line. I have a lot of ambitious goals I want to achieve this year and in the short-term, only have about 4 months to prep for the shoot. Maybe it's a bit of overkill, but I want to look like I was chiseled out of stone for those pictures. :) Plus, I'm going to be standing next to some pretty fit people, and that motivates me to get even more fit. That being said, I'm not a vain person, but book photos are permanent. :) Plus, as they say, the camera adds 10 pounds, and in photos, those ten pounds typically don't read as muscle. ;) And furthermore, why not strive to be at your very best, regardless?!

If you'd like to see just how nuts my workout schedule has become, below is a sample weekly exercise schedule. :) Now, before you look at this schedule, please consider that, just like most normal people, there are other things that I need to get done, and they all need to be able to fit into my schedule. For example, I also am trying to run a business, write books, cook and write recipes and stage food photo shoots for those books, get stuff done around the house, run errands, and take care of other beings in my household, all done while simultaneously attempting to maintain a social life. I'm not superwoman. :) And so, not surprisingly, sometimes something has to give, and often, especially as of late, that "something" has been my social life. ;) Maybe that's why it's moved online for the most part these days, but that's only temporary given my schedule. Also, notice that blogging wasn't on that list, although I do post recipes on Cooking with Corey on a fairly regular basis, that is, as I create/make/photograph them for the books I'm writing. Two birds, one stone, etc., etc. :) However, blogging is honestly not a priority right now, nor can it be. (There are only has so many hours in a day, and a good night's sleep is essential for effective "life management.") Then there's also social media "maintenance" to conduct in both business and personal spheres. Please understand, I'm not complaining about any of this. I'm just giving you a peek into my crazy-busy world. Sure, it's my choice to be this busy right now, so again, I'm not asking for anyone's sympathy. :) And even though I'm flapping my little flippers as fast as I can, I'm actually enjoying it, strangely enough. Maybe I could stand to be a little less busy right now, but for the time-being, that's how it goes.

Like most people, I can't spend my entire day working out every day, although that actually sounds pretty nice. :) In-person coaching does afford some additional exercise - i.e., running with clients, so that's a bonus right there. (However, you won't see those activities on the below schedule, of course, to preserve client privacy.)

Now where was I? Ah yes, my workout schedule. So, here's it is:

Monday & Wednesday: 15-minute cardio warmup on stationary bike at THR (target heart rate) + 15-20 minutes circuit weight training (varies depending upon time constraints). OR, on Monday, substitute 1-hour kickboxing (class) to mix it up and prevent weightlifting burnout). (I'm doing heavy weights, low reps to build muscle mass, 10 pounds of it, to be exact. :) I've already gained a few pounds of muscle thus far and getting ever closer that goal.

Tuesday & Thursday: 30-60 minute run at a brisk pace (includes warm-up & cool-down walks) + 1 hr. kung fu (class).

Friday: 30-minute HIIT workout on stationary bike + 15-20 minutes circuit weight training (varies depending upon time constraints).

Saturday: 30-60 minute run at a brisk pace (includes warm-up & cool-down walks) + 1 1/2 hours t'ai chi (class).

Sunday: Rest, if I feel like it, OR jump rope, then kickbox (i.e., practice with Erik at home), and then run 30-60 minutes at a brisk pace (includes warm-up & cool-down walks).

OK, that's all folks. It was nice to take a bit of a breather and share some updates with you. This post went on a bit longer than originally intended, so it's back to work I go! If I don't post again until the new year, (which given my schedule, is very likely - Lol!), then I'd like to wish all of you "a Very Happy Holidays!" now. :)

Best wishes for health and happiness,

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